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I am happy to ridicule and degrade you to My cold little heart's content. And I do so with absolute relish.   We can do that privately at My dungeon if you're a little shy. (Cowards!)   At My hands, you really will plunge the depths of depravity. As far as I'm concerned, you're just a piece of meat to Me.. merely a means to an end... My muse for an hour or for however long I choose to keep you.  I don't particularly want you.. WHO THE HELL DOES!.. But as recompense for Me tolerating your tedious lack-lustre company, I will make use of you and glean some sort of amusement and sadistic pleasure... courtesy of you!.. 

For those of you who are complete suckers for PUBLIC humiliation, you most certainly need look no further.  I am no shrinking violet and I am absolutely shameless.. I really don't give a damn who looks and stares at Me or YOU as I spit into your drink in full view of everyone in a public bar on Saturday night, whilst I am clad head to toe in a rubber catsuit and very high stilletto heels.  I don't care if I look like a damn hooker or strippergram.  In fact I would exploit that knowledge to your detriment. Have done it before and I'll do it again!

This Manchester Mistress has been known to take transvestites and x-dressers fully transformed out on little public shopping trips. Believe Me when I say that I really don't give a damn what people think of Me!

Now there are many forms of humiliation.  I am perfectly aware of that and I will probe you in consultation prior to the session, to deduce what it is you are looking for exactly.  Be careful what you wish for now!  If you want very real and 'intense' humiliation, that is exactly what you will get!